Ripe launches the first CBD advertising network for the UK

Ripe is a startup helping CBD and cannabis brands connect with customers through digital advertising

Ripe launches the first CBD advertising network for the UK

Ripe launches the first CBD advertising network for the UK 150 150 Liam O'Dowd

ripe cbd advertising network

Manchester, United Kingdom 15th April 2020 Ripe today announces the launch of its new advertising network, developed specifically for the UK CBD and cannabis industry. Ripe is working with over 100 websites across the world that are reporting on CBD positively, placing digital advertisements alongside this content for clients. By placing display advertising alongside CBD and cannabis related content, Ripe is able to raise brand awareness for advertising clients and drive relevant traffic to advertisers websites, helping to increase sales and revenue.

With Ripe, advertisers have access to a wide range of CBD and cannabis friendly websites. By running a campaign with Ripe, advertisers can place banner adverts alongside the content on these websites, raising the profile of their brand, and advertising products and offers. The banner adverts, when clicked, direct potential customers to advertisers websites, increasing traffic and sales. As well as featuring CBD and cannabis specific websites, Ripe has also enlisted a number of websites outside of the CBD industry, allowing advertisers access to websites that feature articles on Health & Wellness, Food & Drink, Sports & Fitness and more.

“We started Ripe out of frustration. We launched an online CBD magazine in 2019, and quickly found we couldn’t advertise on traditional channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. At the same time, we couldn’t find advertisers to feature on our magazine website through the usual ad networks. By creating Ripe, we can bridge the gap between publishers who are happy to run CBD advertising campaigns and brands that want to advertise. We are solving a problem that every CBD business in the UK currently faces, and we are helping the public learn about innovate new brands at the same time. It’s a win win situation.” said Ripe co-founder, Liam O’Dowd.

The market for CBD in the UK is predicted to be worth £1bn by 2024. In 2019 sales topped £300m, more than the total value of Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements combined, and it is estimated that in 2019 between 8-11% of UK adults tried CBD. For brands, this presents huge opportunities for growth, but restrictions placed on advertising by traditional channels such as Facebook and Google have made it difficult for these brands to capture significant market share. By creating the first advertising network for this high growth industry, Ripe is the perfect position to capitalise on the opportunity.

“We want to help brands realise their true potential and help consumers make informed decisions about the brands they buy. Thanks to Ripe, CBD businesses in the UK can now increase brand awareness and readers can learn about products that could benefit them. Our ultimate goal is to grow into the go-to solution for CBD businesses in the UK and Europe who are ambitious about building their brands and sales” said O’Dowd.

About Ripe

Ripe helps UK brands and businesses in the CBD and cannabis industry to reach their customers with creative advertising solutions.

Built on 15 years of digital marketing experience, we understand the challenges of the local cannabis industry better than any other advertising network. That’s why our unique approach is generating results significantly higher than industry average.


Liam O’Dowd
+44 7889 599228


Liam O'Dowd

Liam is a co-founder of Ripe with a background in creating growth marketing strategies for D2C e-commerce brands and startups

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