The benefits of display advertising

The benefits of display advertising

The benefits of display advertising 1800 1200 Gemma King

Display advertising, such as banner adverts, is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. Where it was once a clunky, often gaudy, addition to a website, it is now a slick and seamless way to build brand awareness and inspire customers to take action.

Find out why we are backing banners as one of the best marketing tools, and how you can take advantage of display ads for your CBD brand without breaching any regulations. 

The history of digital display advertising

The very first banner ad was a small, rectangular box with the words “Have you ever clicked your mouse right HERE?” with a small arrow pointing to more text that read “YOU WILL”. Simple, but effective – in fact, just under 50% of people who saw it did indeed click on it. And so, in 1993, display advertising was born.

Display advertising in 2020

While the number of people likely to click on such an ad now is vastly smaller, there is still a lot of value to be gained from advertising your CBD brand in this way. In fact:

“68% of marketers stated that paid advertising is ‘very important’ or ‘extremely important’ to their overall marketing strategy.” (HubSpot, 2020)

It’s not all about the click-throughs and conversions! Sometimes, it’s about supporting your other marketing channels, creating an impact for a new campaign or just getting your company name out there so people can start to build that all-important familiarity and trust.

Banner ads for your CBD brand

If you’re not familiar with the value of multi-channel marketing or the sales funnel, take some time to find out the basics and think about how to apply banner ads to support your current strategy. For some audiences, your banner may be the first time they have heard of CBD, or at least the first time they have seen it advertised out in the wild. It might inspire them to do a bit of research, or start to create the idea that your brand is the most reputable as it’s the one they saw first, or the one they saw on a website they already trust.

Sure, customers are more tech savvy now, and less likely to click on any old advert, but the tech we use is more savvy, too. You can serve the right advert to the right type of person at the right time, instead of paying for a month-long slot on a webpage in the hope that it’s the right one. Banner ads are fast and impactful; your audience doesn’t have to visit your site, follow you on social or open your newsletter. They can see your logo and the benefit you are offering in a split second, all while going about their business. And when they do click through? Each advert can lead to a different landing page, optimised to give that particular audience a bespoke experience that plays to their specific needs/wants.

Display ads also give you precious data. There are some fundamental bits of advice it’s worth following, but after that, you can fine-tune and test to your heart’s content. Try different designs, wording and call to actions using A/B testing to build up a knowledge base of what really appeals to your audience and – equally as useful – what doesn’t.

Gemma King

Gemma King is our resident copywriter, specialising in technical marketing content.

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