Carefully curated landing pages

Carefully curated landing pages

Carefully curated landing pages 1800 1200 Gemma King

Your website home page might be your digital storefront, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s the only way in! The use of landing pages is a powerful tool that allows you to personalise your potential customers’ experience based on who they are and how they found you. This low-cost, high-impact approach is particularly valuable for CBD brands facing restrictive regulations on marketing activities.

What exactly is a landing page? It’s a bespoke page that acts as a route into your website/online store. They don’t usually show up in your navigation/menu, but you use the URL for a landing page when directing people to your website. You can create bespoke landing pages that are used exclusively for different audiences, such as those coming to you from display ads, your newsletter or your social media platforms. 

So, why not use your home page? Your home page is a catch-all; it’s all things to all viewers. That’s important, but it doesn’t convert as well as a tailor-made landing page can. That’s because you can be more creative, targeted and persuasive when you know a little bit more about the type of person who will be viewing your copy.

If you’re using a multi-channel marketing approach (and you should!), you can use landing pages to tell a different story to people who are at various stages of their journey towards making a purchase. 

Landing page examples

Audience A has seen your display ad on a health-related website they use often. Your advert offers a promo code for new customers; they click through and go straight to a page that helps them – as someone who has not bought from you before – start to build familiarity with your product and trust in your brand. You might include a short blurb about your business – how long you’ve been in business, any awards etc – alongside a repeat of the offer and some reviews that show your products are desirable and effective. Coming from a health website, you know that the tone needs to be professional and authoritative.

Meanwhile, Audience B are already following you on Instagram, so they know your brand and products and have some interest in what you’re doing. When you post a teaser for a video interview with an influencer who likes your products, or a collaboration with another brand, they will click through from the link in your bio. Here, a totally different landing page is required to the one you used for Audience A. This is where you show off the exclusive content you promised and highlight new products in a way that shows the benefits of choosing your brand over others. You’re speaking to your audience on their level, and helping them move from knowing and trusting your brand to the next stage of their journey to becoming a loyal customer.

Now consider the same two audiences both clicked through and went to your home page. Would you have been able to help build trust for Audience A while creating the desire to make a purchase in Audience B? Probably not – and that’s fine! Your homepage is a shop front for people searching for a business like yours; an easy entrance for referrals. 

Landing pages can be powerful conversion tools, and also offer the ability to A/B test different approaches to ensure your marketing efforts are continuously improving. By using the same banner ad to point to two different landing pages, you can see how minor tweaks to the wording or layout can have an impact on things like bounce rate, conversion rate and other metrics that will help you build up a solid understanding of what works best for your customer base.

Every word written on your website and every image you choose can work hard for your brand, but to really see results you need to employ impactful landing pages that speak to the specific circumstances of your different audiences. If you can do that, you are effectively holding their hand as they move down the sales funnel from window shopper to repeat customer.

Gemma King

Gemma King is our resident copywriter, specialising in technical marketing content.

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