Cannaray’s TV campaign moves CBD out of the early adopter phase

Cannaray’s TV campaign moves CBD out of the early adopter phase

Cannaray’s TV campaign moves CBD out of the early adopter phase 1200 952 Liam O'Dowd

Prior to 2018, knowledge of CBD in the UK was limited, mainly held by cannabis enthusiasts, savvy scientists and eagle eyed entrepreneurs. Over the past 3 years, internet searches for the terms CBD and cannabidiol have rocketed, and high street retailers and supermarket chains have jumped at the opportunity to stock CBD products on their shelves. 

Despite plenty of attention from the media and public alike, CBD still lacks a household name here in the UK. In a bid to become market leader, Cannaray has launched a serious media campaign to take CBD to the masses, including primetime TV advertising backed by a leading celebrity endorsement.

The TV and outdoor campaign, featuring Claudia Winkleman, wants to make CBD more ‘normal’, moving away from its connections to cannabis, into that of a mainstream health supplement. The CBD industry in the UK is estimated to be valued at £690 million in 2021, but despite this, no brand has more than 10% of the market. According to Marketing Week, media spend for CBD advertisers was less than £1 million in 2020. 

The move into mainstream TV and outdoor advertising is a big step for both Cannaray and the industry, certain to raise greater awareness and demand for CBD among the greater public, and move CBD out of the early adopter phase. With Cannaray staking £3m spend on media in the next 12 months in their bid to become the dominant brand in the UK, it feels like the momentum is gathering behind the industry once more. The question is, will any brand challenge Cannaray for the top spot?

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Liam O'Dowd

Liam is a co-founder of Ripe with a background in creating growth marketing strategies for D2C e-commerce brands and startups

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